Xiatol is the boss encountered in the final level of Act 2.

She is the dragon queen that is capable of doing high physical damage while Teleporting and using her Fire Breath on the ground. She is manually summoned by killing one of her Dragon Young.


Statistics Edit

Damage: 5-10
Attack: 18
Defense: 14
Speed: 6
Magic Resistance: 35%, 45% on Suicide difficulty
HP: 100, 99 on Suicide difficulty



Inhale: This "state" lasts for 3 turns and allows the use of her next spell, Fire Breath. Inhale can be interrupted with Sleep or similar status effects.

Fire Breath: After using Inhale, she creates a fire terrain that inflicts 3+ (PHYSICAL) damage per turn, blocks Line of Sight like bushes.


•Once Xiatol appears, all of the remaining Dragon Young will become alert.

•Xiatol takes up 9 squares, making her easier to see but also harder to avoid being damaged if she's next to you. She is the second largest monster in the game, after Shiurath.

•Her Fire Breath spell can be interrupted by certain items and skills such as Mania and Poison Arrow.

•She has the highest base attack of any enemy in the Acts, with an astonishing 100% hit rate if you have 9 defense or lower.

•Xiatol is a female, as the achievement "Hall of the Mountain Queen" is given upon first reaching her area and one stage one as the wizard they mention "brood mother". This also makes her the mother of the Dragon Young.

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