Wrathsong - Legendary Sword.

Description Edit

With every kill this sword's haunting, vicious song grows yet louder.

Stats Edit

  • Damage: 1-5
  • Speed +1
  • Wrathsong +1. Every melee kill with this weapon gives a temporary, stacking damage buff.

Wrathsong buff after killing 3 enemies.


  • Trash value of 75 gold.
  • Wrathsong works as follows:
    • Each kill grants +1 Damage.
    • Each kill will also set your stealth value to -((Damage+1)/2) rounded up. (Stealth becomes more negative as damage goes up.)
    • Base timer lasts 180 ticks/30 seconds. Each kill will add 27/(#kills+1) seconds for a max of 30 seconds.
    • Base timer takes 27 turns to run out at 10 speed.

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