Wrath of God - Skill. 


Call down the thunder. Does 4-10 damage to all visible enemies but 2-5 damage to yourself.


  • Wrath of God is only available to the Paladin or from the Spellbook.
  • There is a minimum level of 6 required to unlock it. You must also have Righteous Fury to unlock it.
  • If you are using the Storm and Thunder Perk, the damage of this skill is doubled to 8-20 damage, but the damage to yourself remains only 2-5!
  • This skill is both Holy and Magic so its cooldown is reduced by both Faith and Intellect, and it can be recharged using either the Mana Potion or Offering.
  • Sometimes when this skill is cast, the text "Storm and thunder" will appear above the player. It's uncertain whether this text is exlusive to Paladin or a Paladin with the Storm and thunder perk equipped.

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