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A wise sage, knower of secrets, worker of miracles, virtuoso of the arcane arts... and an extremely snappy dresser.
-Unlock with 3000 morale in Kongregate/mobile versions; starting class in Steam version-

The Wizard was one of the three classes available in the first Cardinal Quest, the others being Fighter and Thief.

Character Sprites Edit

Male Edit

Malewizard profile color1
Malewizard profile color2
Malewizard profile color3
Malewizard profile color4
Malewizard body color1
Malewizard body color2
Malewizard body color3
Malewizard body color4

Female Edit

Femwizard profile color1
Femwizard profile color2
Femwizard profile color3
Femwizard profile color4
Femwizard body color1
Femwizard body color2
Femwizard body color3
Femwizard body color4

Base StatsEdit

Base Stats
Normal Hard Suicide


16 14 12
Attack 9 9 9
Defense 10 10 9
Speed 6 5 4
Intellect 11 11 11
Faith 10 10 10
Magic Resist 1 1 1
Stealth 0 0 0

Base Damage: Min 0, Max 2

Bonus to spell damage +1.

Starter Set Edit

Weapon Body Headwear Gloves Footwear Jewelry Items
Basic Staff N/A N/A N/A Leather Shoes N/A Full Healing Potion
Scroll of Summoning
Extra Accurate Short Sword [Fencer] N/A N/A N/A N/A Ring of Wisdom [Trust Fund] N/A


  • Valedictorian

(Starting Perk) - Inspire extra Morale by killing enemies with Fireball or Ice Blast. (+5 morale)

  • Dark Arts Minor

(Unlock 5700 morale) - +1 Intelligence. -1 Faith.

  • Fencer

(Unlock 8000 morale) - +1 base Attack and +3 HP. Trade your Staff for an Accurate Short Sword.​

  • Alchemist

(Unlock 4500 morale) - You transmute loose change into 30% extra Gold.

  • ​Classicist

(Unlock 3000 morale) - Use a single mana bar for all Magic spells. MP grows with Intelligence and every Magic spell equipped.

Gear Edit

Trust FundTrust Fund

(Unlock 1600 morale) - Begin with a Ring of Wisdom and extra Gold.

Teleport AwayCrowd Control

(Unlock 4200 morale) - Start with the extra spell Teleport Away.

BlinkNow You See Me

(Unlock 4200 morale) - Start with the extra spell Blink.

Form WispSoulmancer

(Unlock 10,000 morale) - Start with the extra spell Form Wisp at the cost of -2 base Attack.



FireballFireball - Starting skill. It will do 1-4 damage instead of the standard 1-3 damage.

-Set 1-

Stone SkinForcefield (+multi) A permanent magical forcefield shields you against attacks.

  1. +1 defense. +1 magic resist.
  2. +2 defense. +2 magic resist.
  3. +3 defense. +3 magic resist.

FireballSpell Damage (+damage) Increase the damage done by Fireball and Ice Blast.

  1. 1-4 damage
  2. 2-5 damage
  3. 2-8 damage
  4. 3-10 damage

HealToughness (+HP) Your experience in battle hardens you against all kinds of damage.

  1. +4 hp each rank. Unlimited ranks.

-Set 2-

WillpowerWillpower (-resist) Overcome your enemies' magic resistance by sheer force of will.

  • Minimum level: 4
  • Buy previous talent. (Forcefield)
  1. +1 lower enemy resist

SweepInspiration (Passive) After casting a spell, gain a 20% chance that it will be immediately available to cast again.

  • Minimum level: 4
  • Buy previous talent. (Spell Damage)
  • Can't get this if you have Leech.


  • Minimum level: 4
  • Buy previous talent. (Toughness)
  • Can't get this if you have Inspiration.

-Set 3-

EnslaveEnslave Permanently enslaves an enemy that has less than half health. The enemy is healed to full life and fights for you.

  • Minimum level: 6
  • Buy previous talent. (Willpower or Inspiration)
  • Can't get this if you have Ice Blast.

Ice BlastIce Blast

  • Minimum level: 6
  • Buy previous talent. (Inspiration or Leech)
  • Can't get this if you have Enslave.


  • Overall the slowest class in the game, you must focus heavily on getting more speed and escaping early into the game since almost every enemy can catch up to you. Teleport and Teleport Away can help compensate for speed.
  • Always focus on getting more intellect as it will lower the cooldown on Fireball and the other magic skills you will rely on.
  • Enslave can only be used on a monster one-at-a-time, meaning that you can't use it on another monster until you current enslaved monster dies or is dispelled. You can bypass this limit by using a Mana Potion after enslaving a monster, the skill will be charged completely allowing you to enslave another monster at the same time; this exploit doesn't work with Classicist, see below.
  • After the Paladin the Wizard is one of the best classes to use holy skills.
  • The Fencer perk, Forcefield and Leech skill can give the Wizard an edge in melee combat, not enough to tank through enemy hordes but sufficient to deal with smaller and weakened enemies.
  • All skills are affected by the Inspiration passive, included exp-cooldown skills; if the player is lucky they can quickly create a wisp army or charm many enemies at once. The only exception is Enslave for the aforementioned one-at-a-time limit.
  • Ice Blast targets area, not units - be careful not to accidentally blast yourself by auto-targeting.
  • The Wizard has great damaging potential late-game, but takes time to set and has difficulty surviving early.
  • Act Bosses can be inflicted with Enslave, defeating them instantly. It can be a nice desperation move, but don't rely on it to work all the time.

Playing Classicist Edit

Classicist removes the cooldown time of Magic Skills in favor of a MP bar. This can heavily reflect on gameplay and strategies.

Remember that only Magic Skills lose their cooldown time with this perk - Physical and Holy Skills do not cost MP to use, continuing to operate on the usual cooldown system.

  • The total MP increases for every Magic Skill equipped (+6) and every point in Intellect (+1.5), including points from armor and weapons.
  • Since spells can be cast several times in a row as long as one has enough MP, Inspiration instead offers the chance to cast a spell without spending MP.
  • Spells that normally recharge with EXP (Enslave, Form Wisp) will cost both MP and max MP, the latter only is incrementally restored to its normal value by killing enemies and earning more EXP. Also, Enslave won't be recharged by a Mana Potion if you already have an enslaved monster with you.
  • Mana Potions fully restore MP upon use.

Flavor Text Edit

Act 1 Edit

Act 1 Text
Floor Dialogue
The Village Bandits. Petty thugs serving a petty lord. You'll burn them all.
The Forest You grin. A dangerous place, this; more so for your presence.
The Town A few mages chose to turn rather than die. You swear to restore their honour with a quick death.
The Keep It's dingier than you remember. The old lord was no saint, but he knew his place - and he kept it clean.
Asterion's Lair The usurper and his two lieutenants lurk within. First: they'll die. Then you'll make them talk.

Act 2 Edit

Act 2 Text
Floor Dialogue
The Mountain Path Dragons are jealous creatures. They don't like having rivals. Sadly for the brood mother here... neither do you.
The Monastery The Cult have warred with mages all your life. You'll burn this place to the ground if they give you trouble.
Spider Nests You have no quarrel with these beasts. Shame they're too stupid to stay out of your way.
The Caves Metallic sounds echo up from below. You're approaching the mines.
The Mines Magical stones run rich in these walls, vibrant with energy.
Xiatol's Lair The dragon's nest. Slay her and this mountain is yours!

Act 3 Edit

Act 3 Text
Floor Dialogue
City Gates It's been a while since you came to the capital. now you're back... with a score to settle.
City Streets These... peasants! How dare they try and stop a mage?
Mage Academy How far this place has fallen. All out best fled or died; only the dregs swore allegiance.
Academy Basement To think this murky lab is where it all began.
The Wasteland I'd only take a moment to close the portal. But it knows where to find you now. There's only one way this can end.
Alien Palace You barely recognise half of these artefacts. How many worlds has this creature plundered?...
Shiurath's Domain You can feel it in your mind. Probing. This is going to take everything you have.

The Tower Edit

Tower Text
Floor Dialogue
1st Floor What secrets hide in the stones of this ancient edifice? What powers can you win here?
Boss Floor Magical energies... someone ahead has exceptional power.
What now? A spellcaster or a ruffian?
There are many strong enemies in the Tower. Each will fall before you!
Tower Block Cleared Impossible... each floor just leads to another. What magics could possibly support this structure?