Windrunners - Legendary Footwear


Shoes attuned for running upon the wind itself. Run in a straight line to soar through the air.


  • Windrunning:
    • After moving in a straight line for 3 steps, you will become able to Glide in the same direction.


  • Trash value of 60 gold.
  • The Glide buff lasts for as long as you're moving in the same direction. Once you stop moving or take any other action, the buff will wear off.
    • The buff wears off before taking action, but after moving. For this reason, using the Glide spell while windrunning over a pit kills you because casting the spell counts as an action.
  • You won't get the extra stats if you already have the Glide buff from casting the spell of the same name

Video Edit

Demonstrating windrunning crash00:21

Demonstrating windrunning crash

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