Walkers are speedy but fragile enemies comparable to Raptors. Like Raptors, Walkers appear in Act 3 from 3-6 (The Wasteland) onwards, and after the second boss in a Tower block.

Walkers are primarily melee attackers and have high critical chance, but exceptionally low Health.

Walker Edit

This Walker is virtually identical to Raptors in attack patterns, but unlike them cannot teleport. It can be easily neutralized by melee attacks but ranged combatants may struggle if the Walker closes into them. Either bait them one-by-one or kill them before it reaches melee range.

Walker (Black Robe) Edit

This Walker uses the same patterns as the normal Walker, but Haste makes it even speedier. Try to kill it before it gets too close. High speed and damage means it can quickly shred a low-defense player but it's low Health means it can be quickly dispatched itself.

Spells Edit

  • Haste: Will use it before closing into the player.

Walker (Black Robe and Rod) Edit

The trickiest of Walkers, this one varies in it's attack patterns thanks to its diverse spells. Will usually shoot a Fireball upon spotting the player and then turn invisible to close into melee range. Try to kill it without alerting it, or kill it from a distance, but don't depend too much on spells since its magic resist is high enough for spells to fail 1/3 of the time. As with other enemies, you can also bait it into a corridor for crowd control, and kill it and other enemies one-by-one.

Spells Edit

  • Fireball: Will attack the player with one as soon as it's alerted.
  • Shadow Walk: Will use it to close into the player. Like other enemies who use this spell, it can use it anytime similar to the effect of Shadow Mastery.

Spyglass Edit


Walkers are dangerous! I think I understand their attacks.

Can no longer be critically hit by Walkers.

Gallery Edit

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