Vital Strike - Physical Skill

Description and weapon effectsEdit

"A hard strike at the enemy's vitals".

This skill targets any adjacent enemy to perform a guaranteed hit that deals your weapon's normal damage, then applies a status effect depending on the type of weapon you are using.


  • "Edged Axe: Cut hard and deep, briefly crippling your enemy."
    • Makes the enemy lose 4 Speed and causes bleeding which deals 0-4 damage every turn.


  • "Dive in and slash major arteries, causing long term bleeding."
    • Makes the enemy bleed, dealing 0-2 damage every turn. The bleeding effect lasts longer than that of axes and swords.


  • "Edged Weapon: Cut hard and deep, briefly crippling your enemy. May cause bleeding."
    • Make the enemy lose 4 speed and can cause bleeding which deals 0-3 damage every turn.

Maces and Staves:

  • "Blunt Weapon: Crack some skulls! Will stun or daze your opponent."
    • Inflicts Daze or Sleep status upon the enemy.


  • "Flip your enemy over and slam them into the ground."
    • Swap places with the enemy, who also loses 4 speed for a brief period.


  • The duration of Vital Strike's debuffs are not affected by your weapon's tier.
  • Regardless of your weapon's tier, the cooldown of Vital Strike remains the same at 34 seconds of in game time.
  • The Fighter starts with this skill instead of Berserk if the Clinical perk is chosen.

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