Transfusion - Skill.


Swap HP with your target, up to the limits of max HP. Charged by gaining XP.


  • Found only in Act 3 and the Tower.
  • Recharged by gaining XP.
  • Recharges faster with Intellect.
  • Swaps actual Health, not % health, so exercise caution. Some weak enemies, such as Kobolds which normally have 2-4 max health, will actually damage you and give them a Blood Surplus buff if Transfusion is cast against them because your current health is higher.
    • If your current health is higher than the target's current health then you lose health and that target gains health.
    • If the target's current health is higher than your current health then that target will lose health and you gain health.
    • Blood Surplus is a temporarily buff that gives you extra max HP when Transfusion heals past your max HP.

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