The dots show that this kobold is not alerted.

Stealth - Stat


Stealth is the stat that affects if the enemy will detect you. Using a spell on a enemy or just attacking will automatically alert the enemy. Enemies can also alert nearby enemies, even if you have high stealth.

Having -1 stealth is a 100% detection rate meaning enemies will be alerted the moment they see you.


  • Effective stealth value S = stealth + modifiers (e.g. spyglass, equips, etc) - 1 for every 2 enemy tiers.
  • Base percentage of detection p = 0.78S+1.


  • In sight (normal circumstances)
  • If Distance/vision modifier ≥ 10-S, then p is cut in half.
  • If enemy is injured, then p becomes (1+p)/2. (Increases)
  • Enemies have a stat called "Aware", which describes how much effort it takes to get away. Goes down by 1 per turn while out of sight, and may be set depending on circumstances. 0 is the maximum allowed Aware to be undetected.
  • Then there's an interative process Here's where it depends on luck:
    • Generate a random number n.
      • If n < p:
        • Add 1 to "Aware" if Aware < 0 (provided S > 0).
        • Otherwise, Aware is set to Maxaware (6+(0, 1, or 2)) depending on difficulty.
      • Repeat
    • In other words, the game gives the enemy multiple "dice rolls" to detect you if the first one succeeds.


  • Get out of sight.
  • If not in sight and Aware > -1:
    • p is reduced by 0.05 per distance.
    • Generate a random number n.
    • If either a) the enemy is unhurt, or b) n > p:
      • Reduce Aware by 1.
      • If Aware is already 1, set it to 0 and escape detection.
  • If Invisible stat is active, it always takes 2 turns to fully escape. Calming will remove detection.

Base ValuesEdit

Base Stealth
Normal Hard Suicide


0 0 0
Thief 1 1 1
Wizard 0 0 0
Ranger 1 1 1
Paladin 1 1 1
Pugilist 0 0 0
Alchemist 1 1 1


  • Using Invisibility Potion and Shadow Walk is basically 0% detection rate in which alerted enemies won't know where you are.
  • As enemies lose more health, they become more alert.
  • Having 18+ stealth will give a 0% detection rate.
  • Having -2 stealth will give you a 164-128% detection rate, generally everything is alerted.
  • Thief and Wizard starts out with leather shoes, adding 1 to their starting stealth.
  • In The Tower, enemies are more alerted in the higher tiers. They can eventually detect you even with Stealth 18+ because every other loop counters 1 stealth.