Staves are low damaging weapons that otherwise increase magical potential. Click on the listed staves for specifics and enchantments.



Holy staff
Holy Staff

Blood scepter
Blood Scepter


Pierremont folly icon
Pierremont's Folly



  • Having a very low damage range, staves shouldn't be used in physical combat with the exception of the Flintstaff or when using Consecrate with staves.
  • For the Paladin, using Consecrate on staves will replace the intellect stat with a good amount of faith. This is great with Holy skills especially as it makes Holy Armor stronger.
  • Using Vital Strike with staves will inflict daze or sleep which is not only good offensively but can also be used as a great escape skill as the Wizard.
  • Staff and Holy Staff share the same appearance when equipped by any class that is not the Wizard or Paladin. Makes sense for a non-magic centric unit to think of staves as a "pole to strike with".

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