The Spider Queen is a mini boss that is fought in act 2 floor 4 and is one of the Tower Bosses where she can be present as the 3rd boss of every tier.

Armed with a venom attack and the ability to summon Hatchlings, the Spider Queen is no laughing matter as once she spots you then the other spiders will notice you. However her real difficulty is her combination of high damage and high attack which allows her to dish out nasty critical hits.

In the Tower, she keeps the same layout from act 2 but it's much smaller which may become a problem. The hatchlings also gets increased health and stats in every tier.

The Spider Queen is the slowest tower boss overall. The Ogre King has a lower base speed, but is faster when he uses Berserk.

Spells Edit

  • Venom: -3 speed debuff that can deal 1 damage each turn until it wears off.
  • Summon Hatchlings.



Spider Queens are dangerous! I Think I understand their attacks.
Can no longer be critically hit by Spider Queens.

Trivia Edit

  • Spider Queen cannot use Fireball. The fireball icon is a placeholder for her unique skill of spawning two hatchlings.