Speed - Stat


Speed determines two things:

  • If the enemy has more speed than you, then they have the chance of doing an action more than once. This is the same as if you're faster than the enemy, then the enemy might not do an action.
    • Note that if the enemy is much faster than you, then the number of turns they need to cast skills is also decreased.
  • Speed affects the duration of Physical Skills, buffs, and debuffs. So the higher your speed, the longer these effects last relative to your turn.

Speed and TimeEdit

Time, at the game's core, is measured in ticks. Each second is exactly six ticks. 1 turn = ((60/speed)-1 rounded up) ticks. Speed caps out at 60:

\pagecolor{cqbg}\color{litegray}1\text{ second} = 6\text{ ticks} = \left\lceil\frac{360}{speed}\right\rceil-6\text{ turns}

Base ValuesEdit

Base Speed
Normal Hard Suicide


6 5 4
Thief 8 7 6
Wizard 6 5 4
Ranger 7 6 5
Paladin 8 7 6
Pugilist 8 7 6
Alchemist 8 7 6


  • Speed is highly important for every class, no matter how much health you have or how much damage you do. More speed = more of your actions, and fewer of your opponents'.
  • For those still confused, speed is what other games would call "movement speed" and "attack speed".

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