Shiurath, the Beast is the boss encountered on the final level of Act 3.

The entire level seems to be the body of Shiurath. Upon entering, no monsters appear to be present except a lone Horror or Observer. Advancing forward triggers the appearance of tentacles, eyes, and Shiurath's health bar. The tentacles are very slow and have a high defense, they basically reduce your maneuverability. Attacking the eyes lowers Shiurath's health bar. After dealing enough damage to the eyes, they will disappear and Shiurath will appear.

Observers and Horrors seem to spawn continuously after the appearance of the tentacles. The Observers' Mind Blasts can be lethal if you don't have enough Magic Resist or a ranged attack.

There are no walls in this level (a mistake commonly made)-- they are, in fact, holes, into which you can fall while using Glide or due to the recoil of Pistol. Cause of death will be noted as "Killed by Gravity".

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Aim for the heart!

  • On Shiurath itself: Gained +50% to crit vs Shiurath.
  • On Eyes: Gained +3 defense vs Shiurath.
  • On Tentacles: Gained 30% to dodge physical vs Shiurath.

Haven't confirmed if the effects stack, but since they are different units they should.


  • Due to the endlessly spawning number of enemies on the first part of the battle, it's possible to level up again before clearing the room of Eyes. This can be helpful to get extra talent points.
  • Shiurath can still attack you with spells if you're about 2 squares out of its line of sight.
  • The Potion of Reflection is very useful when fighting Shiurath, as it causes all enemies with Mind Blast to only hurt themselves, and Shiurath to Flay itself instead of you.
  • Since Shiurath is immobile, you'll have an easier time if you possess some ranged attack, just watch out for Mind Flay and enemy mobs.
  • Shiurath is the only enemy in the game that can't be moved by any skill (ex: Teleport Away).
  • Using Pistol, Glide or the Restless Blade is very dangerous in this level because of the large number of pits. Pistol will knock you back into a pit; if you get dazed while using Glide, chances are you'll end up hovering above a pit; and the Restless Blade will make you jump to an enemy standing next to a pit.
  • The Leech icon in Shiurath's statbox is a placeholder for the unique Mind Flay skill. Shiurath does not have Leech and the player can't get Mind Flay.
  • As with other bosses, Sleep Powder can leave Shiurath vulnerable long enough for the player to slay as soon as it appears.

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