Shimmerling is one of the Tower Bosses, appearing usually as the 5th boss of a block.

It can be very dangerous if the player is not prepared beforehand, and a group of Dragon Young and normally Cockatrices will always surround it as backup, along with other high-tier monsters. Be especially wary of the unique spell Frost Breath, with it tends to use as soon as they spot you and any other chance possible afterwards.

Spells Edit

  • Frost Breath: Unique spell that reduces -4 Speed to the player or allies. It has unlimited range while you're visible, a low cooldown and can't be resisted.
  • Teleport: Teleports user to a selected tile. Will commonly be used to get closer to the player.



Dragon Young are dangerous! I Think I understand their attacks.
Can no longer be critically hit by Dragon Young.

Trivia Edit

  • The Ice Blast icon shown when using a Spyglass is only an indicator of the Frost Breath spell; Shimmerlings cannot use Ice Blast.

Gallery Edit

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