Shadow Mastery

Shadow Mastery - Skill.


Upgrades Shadow Walk. Your mastery of camouflage allows you to disappear in front of people's eyes. Also recharges faster.


+25% faster recharge

Stats per rank (only in The Tower)Edit

  • 2nd rank: +50% faster recharge
  • 3rd rank: +75% faster recharge
  • 4th rank: +100% faster recharge


  • There are only 2 ways to get Shadow Mastery: upgrade Shadow Walk as the Thief, or acquire it randomly by using the Spellbook.
  • When using Shadow Mastery, your next basic attack will be a stealth attack even if the enemy is alerted. Does not work with other skills that do damage.
  • Using skills to attack or throwing items at enemies while invisible will cancel out Shadow Mastery.
  • Your attack will be blocked if you and alerted enemies walk into each other. (you→←enemy)

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