Scavengers are the wandering merchants of Cardinal Quest II, often found as frequently as three or four times in an Act.

They never appear in boss levels, levels 1-4, 2-1, 3-1, 3-5, and 3-6.

In the Tower, they appear on the second floor and on the second of the three non-boss floors.

When reloading the flash game (to "reset" the level), the scavenger keep the same items (contrary to chests, which have different items after a reload).


Scavengers will always sell 3 items:

Items purchased from a Scavenger will not be replaced once bought.

  • For Slot 1, the cost is always 50 gold but if he was attacked then it goes up to 75 gold.


Killing Scavengers awards the player with a large amount of experience (100), to the point you can level up from one Scavenger kill alone at level 1. However, Scavengers can be difficult opponents, especially early in runs for characters at low levels.

Using Charm will make them friendly again. Scavengers can be Dispelled.

Consequences for attacking themEdit

After attacking a Scavenger for the first time, they will be wary of you and raise their prices.

After attacking another Scavenger, they will no longer sell their items and will now fight you. They will stay in stealth until they attack you.

  • In The Tower, there's a chance they may forgive you after a while and go back to selling items or lowering the prices.

Note: Stealing from a Scavenger (only possible if you take the Merchant's Pack as a Thief) will make them angry, having the same consequences as attacking a Scavenger.


Upon death, Scavengers will always drop something and are the only enemies in the game that can drop more than one item. It's usually something that they were selling, but it also can be:

Spyglass BuffEdit

"Maybe I can get a bargain!"
+20% discount from Scavenger
If you use a spyglass on the either the Dark Goblin or Succubus, you will gain the ability to see Scavengers(and other invisible enemies) when they're in stealth.

Notes Edit

  • Being hit by multi-target weapons and skills (ex: Flintstaff) will turn them hostile. However, multi-target status skills like Holy Light or Intimidate won't anger them.