Sampling Vial-0

Sampling Vial - Active Consumable.

Description Edit

Use on live bosses to collect blood samples for the Alchemist.

Stats Edit

  • Extracts a blood sample from a boss. This has no effect on the boss and works only as a questline to unlock the Alchemist. Only one per boss can be taken.

Notes Edit

  • Collect 5 samples from bosses to unlock the Alchemist. After unlocking the Alchemist, they will no longer be available.
  • It's actually better farming them in The Tower since bosses appear every 4 floors, making it quicker than the Acts as each Act has just 1 boss.
  • Using Sampling Vials on bosses will not damage them and uses up a turn, also you have to be adjacent to the boss to use it so be careful.
  • In the Steam version, a Sampling Vial will automatically be used once a boss is killed.
  • Stop appearing once 5 blood samples are acquired.
  • If the Alchemist is purchased, all collected Sampling Vials will be converted to 1000 morale.

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