Restless Blade

Restless Blade - Legendary Dagger.


An assassin's dagger enchanted to charge targets. Unfortunately for many owners its haste often backfires.


  • Damage: 1-3
  • Attack: +3
  • +Auto Charge: The player will charge and attack enemies that are in the cardinal direction (straight line) the player moves to.


  • Trash value of 85 gold.
  • Cannot get enchantments.
  • Unlike the Charge skill, auto-charge doesn't guarantee a hit (See note). That depends on your Attack stat. However, like Charge, it alerts the enemy just before you inflict damage, so it is impossible to charge and backstab in the same attack. (Not completely true. The game treats the auto-charge as 2 moves: a dash and then an attack. The dash can alert an enemy before the attack, but a high enough speed stat allows auto-charging backstabs.)
  • Auto-charge will also attack allies (such the dog and the Scavenger) if they are in a direct line from you and far enough away to charge. As such, using this dagger requires extra awareness of your surroundings to avoid making unintended attacks.
  • Unless you're already too close to charge, the Scavenger must be approached indirectly, from one block to the side. Walking directly up to him will cause the dagger to attack him. Charm Monster is useful for pacifying him after an unintended attack, though he will still charge higher prices.
  • Will make fall into pits if an a enemy is standing next to it. Especially in the Shiurath level.