Recruit - Physical Skill

This skill is exclusive to the Alchemist through the Now Hiring perk.


Pay gold to recruit enemies as your allies. Price depends on enemy intelligence and willingness to negotiate.


You can recruit any enemy for a price. Recruited enemies act the same as if they were charmed and will follow the player to next stages, including the level end heal. Unlike Enslave, recruiting is not limited and you can have as many allies as long as you have enough money.

A monster's hiring price depends on their stats, total Health, monster type, amount of skills and the stats and level of the players themselves; the stronger, rarer the monster, the more expensive is to hire them. Prices can be lowered if the player increases stats before hiring (either with better equipment or by leveling up) or if the monster loses Health, but remember that if you recruit a monster with low HP they will turn to your side with the same amount of HP (will not heal until you abandon the current floor).

Also, unlike Enslave, not all monsters can be hired. Non-sapient monsters like Horrors, Venomous Spiders or Apes, for example, are not recruitable. The Scavenger too can't be recruited.

List of Recruitable Monsters Edit

Some Tower bosses can be recruited as well, but Act bosses cannot be recruited.


  • Recruit has an insanely short cooldown of 4 turns. Unlike other physical skills, higher speed doesn't reduce the cooldown time.
  • Picking the Now Hiring perk replaces Craft.
  • Unlike Enslave, Recruit cannot be dispelled. Neither Dispel nor attacking a hired monster yourself have any effect.
  • If a recruited monster is killed, it still has a chance to drop items, equip or gold.
  • With the removal of Craft and the Alchemist's already low stats, you might come to depend on this skill. It's adviced to reserve gold for strong enemies instead of spending on a small army. Also, you may want to avoid spending too much with the Scavenger. In general, always keep enough gold with you, it can save you in critical moments.
  • The Fat of the Land gear option may be useful for a steady supply of gold.