New items can be purchased from the Scavenger. Items may vary in cost depending on certain factors, as detailed below.


Normal conditionsEdit

  • Potions and scrolls cost 50 each.
  • Spells and skills cost 150 each.
  • Weapons cost 90g plus 3x the sell price of weapon. Rounded down to nearest 5. Sell price is
    • 5x the average damage+1 for any additional buffs that may be on the item (rounded)
    • Exception is health. Divide health buff by 2.
  • Other equipments cost 60g plus 2x sell price of equip. Sell price follows same rules as for weapons. (Average damage is 0 for most things obviously).


  • If you attack a Scavenger, prices will be multiplied by 1.5.


  • Advancing floors will also raise the price of equips/weapons.


  • There appears to be game code for Ankh price, but shop doesn't ever carry it. Its price is 200 gold.
  • There is also another item in the code called "RED_POTION", but it appears to be a prototype for the Healing Potion. Its price was 100 gold.

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