Potions are consumable items that grant healing or buffing effects on the player instantly upon use. Unlike Dry items or Scrolls, potions only target the player and only have positive properties (no damaging).

All listed potions can be created with the Combine skill. See Wet Recipes.



Elixir of time
Elixir of Time

Full Healing Potion
Full Healing Potion

Invisibility potion
Invisibility Potion

Healing potion
Healing Potion

Mana Potion
Mana Potion

Potion of invincibility
Potion of Invincibility

Potion of rage
Potion of Rage

Potion of reflection
Potion of Reflection

Potion of Speed
Potion of Speed

Potion of thorns
Potion of Thorns

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