Potion of Carapace

Potion of Carapace - Legendary Consumable.

Description Edit

Grow a tough carapace, bursting through and replacing all armor.

  • The description for all carapace pieces: You've grown an exoskeleton. It's tough.

Stats Edit

Permanently replaces all equipped Armor with four pieces of a shell-like carapace.

  • (Total stats: Health +5, Damage +1-2, Defense +7, Speed +2, Stealth -2)


Using multiple Potions of Carapace will reinforce all carapace pieces, making each one +1 with a chance to increase one of the stats of each item. However, using multiple Potions of Carapace will have diminishing results, with the fourth and after not affecting stats at all.

Since the carapace armor cannot be replaced or removed, and multiple Potions of Carapace give diminishing returns, the usefulness of the Potion of Carapace is reduced in the Tower, where the stats of equipment found on higher floors eventually outstrip the temporary advantage of the carapace.

Note that the max block rate is 82% depending on the enemy's attack, so crafting multiple potions might not be worth it in certain Acts.

  • 22 Defense gets the max block rate vs. 15 Attack or lower.
  • 25 Defense gets the max block rate vs. 18 Attack or lower. Xiatol and certain tower bosses have 18 Attack.

Quotes Edit

  • Upon entering a new floor, there is a chance your character will say:
    • "I'm a monster..." or
    • "What have I become..."

Notes Edit

  • The Potion of Carapace's effect is permanent, meaning you can't replace it with any armor.
  • The potion will not affect your weapon or necklace slot, meaning you keep equipment in those slots and can switch them out.
  • Less worthwhile if playing the Thief or Wizard, or if you don't plan to engage in close combat.
  • Because the carapace armor can actually lower your Stealth, it is possible for your Stealth to fall to -1, which causes enemies to see you 100% of the time, making it easy for them to ambush you, so be careful.
  • The recipe for this is using Combine to fuse any tier 3-4 wet potions that give a tier 5 wet potion.

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