The Ogre King is one of the bosses encountered in The Tower, usually guarding the second or third boss room of a block but sometimes may be encountered as soon as the first.

He uses the same combat pattern as regular Ogres, and deals heavier damage, so be prepared before confronting him. He can buff himself with Berserk for heavier damage and is always accompanied by other Ogres and some common enemies.

The main obstacle against fighting the king is how tanky he is, and his high critical chance. Ranged classes may get the upper hand if they can keep distance from him as he is quite slow without Berserk. Using Charm Monster on one of his allies is recommended but not on the Ogre King himself due to his high Magic Resistance .

Spells Edit

  • Berserk: He will use this to buff himself before attacking.



Ogres are really tough! I can see their weak points.
Gained +50% crit to vs Ogres.

Gallery Edit

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