First encountered on the last floor of Act 1, two Minotaur Lieutenants serve as Asterion's personal bodyguards. They each carry a Left or Right Key, both of which are needed to open the doors to Asterion's throne room and face him.

Minotaur Lieutenants are later encountered in Act 3, in Shiurath's palace.

They are, perhaps, the deadliest common enemy in the game, be very prepared before facing one and avoid cornering as much as possible. Since they can only use physical attacks, Holy Armor (and Holy Light), Potion of Thorns and Potion of Invincibility are very useful against them.

Spells Edit

Spyglass Buff Edit


Minotaurs are really tough! I can see their weak points.
Gained +50% to crit against Minotaurs
Haven't confirmed if this affects the boss Minotaur as well.

Notes Edit

  • Has a boss counterpart in the Minotaur.
  • Thanks to their raw power and resilence, they make for excellent targets to Enslave, just make sure they don't get hit with Dispel.
  • On the other hand, using Recruit isn't very recommended. They are extremely costly thanks to their high stats, almost the same as most of the Tower bosses.
  • You don't have to kill them to get their keys in Act 1. Inflicting them with sleep will make them drop the keys.