The Minotaur is a boss monster only encountered inside The Tower. They are very similar to Minotaur Lieutenants, but can inflict more damage.

This boss can be rather dangerous as there is no inmediate strategy against him, he's very fast and can buff himself. Ranged classes especially suffer against his Charge skill. He will try to close into melee range as soon as he spots the player.

Using debuffs before confronting him is suggested. He has a somewhat low resistance to magic so Fear, Teleport Away and Sleep can be used to keep him away. Charm can be used to turn him against his allies; at the same time, since he's usually accompained by strong monsters (like Minotaur Lieutenants), these can be charmed to fight against him.

Since he has no magic skills, a Potion of Invincibility can render him useless against the player for a short time.

Skills Edit



Minotaurs are really tough! I can see their weak points...
Gained +50% crit to vs Minotaurs.

Gallery Edit

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