Mania - Skill.


Craze an enemy, forcing it to critically wound everyone standing nearby - and itself.


  • The enemy will do critical damage to itself and anything nearby. If you're adjacent to the selected enemy then you will also be injured.
  • The enemy will be charmed for 1 to 3 turns, this can cause that enemy to get killed or use a skill on other enemies such as Venomous Spiders's venom and Cockatrices's petrify. This makes killing that enemy safer for you.
  • Needs 2 Health every use and it has a low cooldown so use it wisely, do not spam it and only use it on hard hitting enemies.


  • As risky as this skill sounds, it's extremely powerful when used right. Best used in the latter floors as you get more health or by expert players.
  • Note that Mania has the same range as most spells so you can select any target, so it's highly recommended to not use it if you're next to the enemy.
  • If an enemy does high damage but has very low health, then using Mania can cause it to kill itself. For example, Acid Blobs will kill themselves as their critical damage is almost twice their health.
  • Righteous Fury doesn't proc if the selected enemy kills anything for you.
  • Only obtained via the Paladin's perk Forbidden Arts. Might be obtained by using the Spellbook.
  • Recharges with Intellect.

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