Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror - Magic Skill


Creates a duplicate of yourself to draw enemies away.

Monsters Edit

The following monsters can use Magic Mirror:


  • Recharges with Intellect.
  • The duplicate that the Magic Mirror creates has no skills and can only perform physical attacks.
    • The duplicate does the highest damage when you're playing as a Pugilist, due to Pugilist's high base damage value when empty-handed.
  • The duplicate will turn hostile if attacked, either directly (ex: target skills, Sweep...) or indirectly (ex: Flintstaff).
  • Using Leech or Transfusion on the duplicate is ill-advised as the health gained is only temporary and will turn it hostile.
  • Can be easily killed by using Dispel to 'shatter' them.

Images Edit

Leech against temporary targets

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