Lovers' Necklace

Lover's Necklace - Legendary Jewelry.

Description Edit

Protects its owner with the heartfelt feelings of distant lovers. Shatters to prevent lethal blows.


  • +5% auto charm (Chance to charm your attacker briefly whenever you are injured).
  • Protection (Blocks one lethal attack that would kill you and charms your attacker, but the Lover's Necklace will shatter).


  • Trash value of 60 gold.
  • It will only block 1 lethal attack. If you are at low HP and are attacked multiple times in one turn then only the attack that would kill you will be blocked while the other attacks will still hit.
  • When wearing this and holding the Ankh, the Lover's Necklace will break first.
  • Protection only works against direct damage meaning it doesn't work against Acid, Bleed, and Venom. Also if you're also holding the Ankh, then the Ankh will break but not the necklace as the Ankh always saves you from death.

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