Kobolds are common enemies encountered in Acts 1 and 2, as well as The Tower.

They are weak, only marginally stronger than Raiders and Bandits, and lack any special attacks except for the Trickster with Teleport. Still, it's not a good idea to get surrounded by them.

A well equipped player should deal with them with little trouble.

Kobold Edit

Common, regular Kobolds. Compared to others of its kind they have more speed but deal less damage. Nevertheless, they attack with the same enthusiasm and will try to close into melee as soon as they notice the player.

Has no spells.

Spearkobold Edit

These Kobolds are armed with spear for dealing heavier damage, at the cost of speed; as such, they are exceptionally slow. Like their regular counterpars they will try to close into the player before attacking.

Has no spells.

Kobold Trickster Edit

Unlike others of it's kind this Kobold can use its skills to conbat the player, but they still use the same pattern to attack: get close and strike.

They deal the least damage of all Kobold but have a bit more health.

Uses Teleport to get closer to players.

Spyglass Edit


Kobolds are weak! I'll cut them down!
Gained +3 Attack vs Kobolds

Gallery Edit

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