Amulet of Enlightenment

Jewelry are equippable trinkets that unlike most armour increase the effectiveness of skills and resistance to magic attacks. Click on the jewelry for specifics and enchantments.


In order of price and rarity:

Tier 1 Edit

Amulet of Enlightenment
Amulet of Enlightenment

Glass amulet
Glass Amulet

Ring of wisdom icon
Ring of Wisdom

Tier 2 Edit

RIng of Hope
Ring of Hope

Spider Brooch
Spider Brooch

Tier 3 Edit

Supernatural Amulet
Supernatural Amulet

Ring of blood
Ring of Blood


Dark Rosary
Dark Rosary

Destrid Axe
Destrid's Ax

Seeker's Band
Seeker's Band

Lovers' Necklace
Lover's Necklace

Class ExclusiveEdit

Token icon

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