Ice Blast - Skill.


Upgrades Fireball. An area-effect spell which damages and slows enemies - or you!

Ice blast target green

Ice Blast's plus-shaped area of affect.


  • Deals the same damage as Fireball to all enemies in a plus-shaped area. Like Fireball, damage dealt increases with the Wizard's Spell Damage talent.
  • Inflicts a -5 Speed debuff on hit.


  • Recharges faster with Intellect.
  • This can hit you and your allies, be very careful using this skill.
  • Regardless of whether Ice Blast hits the main target, other targets will still take damage or resist the skill separately.
  • The -5 speed can stack, making a significantly powerful slow.
  • Using the Wizard's Classicist perk, this spell will cost 9 mana.
    Ice blast target yellow

    Ice Blast's target selection will always be yellow if you or your allies are in it.

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