Horrors are dangerous eldritch beasts. They appear in Act 3 and higher floors of the Tower. It's advisible while fighting one to avoid overcrowding, getting cornered, debuffing them or buffing oneself and to prepare a counter against their skills. They are powerful and can easily end a player's run, particularily on Suicide difficulty.

Skills and statistics Edit

  • Dark Purple Horror: Mind Blast. Will try to use it as soon as they see the player. Has good stats for melee combat but it's slow. Should always be a high priority target.
  • Aqua Horror: Has no skills, meaning it only does melee combat. Deals the most damage and has the highest defense
  • Purple Horror with red eyes: Teleport Away, this version deals damage and be will used in melee range. The slowest horror with the lowest health but has the highest attack.
  • Green Horror: Uses Acid, it has the same 2 square range as Venom, doesn't slow but deals 0-2 damage every turn meaning its capable of doing 10+ damage. Has the highest health but usually has low defense.

Appearances Edit

Act 3 Edit

Horrors appear in Act 3 after reaching the Academy Basement. From then on they become common enemies and appear as backup during the battle against Shiurath.

The Tower Edit

Horrors appear rarely after clearing the first tower block (Floor 21) and commonly after clearing the second tower block (Floor 41). They also appear as backup for their floor boss counterpart.

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