Health Orb

When a monster is killed it may drop Health Orbs, a special item that heals HP when picked up. Much like gold, the health is restored as soon as the player picks the orb but unlike gold it's intanstaneously used even when at full health.

Health Orbs appear when the player has 50% of their total HP or less.

Health Orbs come in small and big variants which determines how much HP it restores; also, if left untouched for a while the orb will start blinking out before dissapearing completely. On Hard and Suicide, orbs disappear 143% faster than Normal.

  • Small orbs restore +2 HP under normal conditions.
  • Big orbs restore +5 HP under normal conditions.

Effects of Passives Edit

Some passives alter the drop rate and HP increase of health orbs, these are:

Pugilist's Chi Mastery:

"Your control of life forces is sufficient to increase the drop rate of health orbs from defeated enemies."

  1. +50% health orb drop rate (1.5* multiplier)
  2. +100% health orb drop rate (2* multiplier)

Fighter's Regeneration:

"Recover 100 more health from health orbs."

  1. +100% HP regeneration
  2. +200% HP regeneration
Animal Bond

Ranger's Blood Link:

"Boosts Dog's HP. Whenever you or Dog pick up a health orb, both of you receive its benefits."

  • Health orbs heal both you and Dog.
  • Dog will no longer ignore health orbs, instead seeking them out if there are no enemies around.
  • Increases Dog's max HP.

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