Health - Stat


Health is pretty self explanatory, you are alive as long you don't have 0 health. Having high health is always good for the latter parts of the game.

Base ValuesEdit

Base Health
Normal Hard Suicide


20 18 16
Thief 16 14 12
Wizard 16 14 12
Ranger 16 14 12
Paladin 18 16 14
Pugilist 18 16 14
Alchemist 18 16 14

How to Recover Health Edit

Health Orb

The simplest way to heal HP is using a Full Healing Potion or the spell Heal. There's also the Offering and the Healing Potion, both which heal 50% of total HP.

Health Orbs will drop from enemies when your health is below 50%. See page for more information.

Every class has an unique skill that recovers health or increases healing potential from health orbs:

The Priest monster type can heal it's allies, meaning that a charmed, enslaved or recruited one can heal you as well.


  • As your health goes below 50%, the edges of your screen will get faintly red. Losing more health will make the red more visible, which can even almost hide enemies if you're not careful.
  • Besides unique skills, all classes can increase HP by spending points on Toughness.
  • The Venom/Acid and Bleeding statuses cause health loss per turns.
  • The status Mana Burn sacrifices a percentage of HP after a spell's casting and temporarily reduces maximum HP.
  • Death is treated as when HP+health buffs falls to 0. When damage is taken, hits are only taken to HP. That is to say, to the game, HP can go negative, so long as the equipment/buffs compensate for it.

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