Heal - Holy Skill


Restores health.

Stats Edit

  • Restores health to 100%.


  • Recharges faster with Faith, requiring less enemies to kill.
  • Recharged by Offering.
  • Also heals Dog, if present.
  • The Paladin starts with this skill if the Prayer of Life gear is chosen.
  • Has the same effect as the Full Healing Potion, but with the -3 defense debuff.
  • If used after a HP-debuffing skill (ex: Wrath of God or activating Mana Burn) it will restore 100% of the then-current HP. After the ailment's effect ends HP will be reduced accordingly.
  • The Priest and Archmage (Tower) are the only monsters who can use Heal. Notably that they can use it on other monsters as well (or, if Enslaved or Recruited, on the player or the player's minions).
  • Recommended for defensive class setups like support Paladin or tank Fighter.

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