Leather Vambraces

Gloves are arm equipment pieces that increase the accuracy of weapons, effectiveness of holy spells or provide protection to damage or magic. Click on the listed gloves to see specifics and enchantments.


In order of price and rarity:

Tier 1 Edit

Gloves of Dexterity
Gloves of Dexterity

Leather Vambraces
Leather Vambraces

Woven Gloves
Woven Gloves

Tier 2 Edit

Achilles' bracer
Achilles' Bracer

Chainmail gloves
Chainmail Gloves

Gauntlets of sturdiness
Gauntlets of Sturdiness

Tier 3 Edit

Artisan Gauntlets
Artisan Gauntlets

Heavy gauntlets
Heavy Gauntlets

King's grasp
King's Grasp

Class ExclusiveEdit

Brawlers wraps
Brawler's Hand Wraps

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