Form Wisp - Skill. 

This spell is available only to the Wizard through the Soulmancer perk. 


Bind stolen life force into a Wisp, a fragile spellcasting ally.


  • Magic Skill.
  • Recharged by gaining XP.
  • Recharges faster with Intellect.
  • The Wisp excels at long range combat, copying your Fireball's damage, but struggles at close range, as it only has 1 HP and can be easily killed by even the weakest of enemies.
  • Friendly Wisps will advance to the next floor with you, like all allied monsters.
  • Because the Wisp uses Teleport Away and cannot be controlled, it can make a mess by sending monsters away that could have easily been killed, or even worse, teleport monsters closer to you.
  • Wisps can be dispelled of their charm effect, making them hostile to you.
  • This spell can be affected by the Inpiration passive, making it possible to summon multiple wisps in a row.