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A ferocious Warrior of unparalleled strength and vigor, survivor of many battles, deadly with any weapon.
-Starting Class-

The Fighter was one of the three classes available in the first Cardinal Quest, the others being Wizard and Thief.

Character Sprites Edit

Male Edit

Malefighter profile color1
Malefighter profile color2
Malefighter profile color3
Malefighter profile color4
Malefighter body color1
Malefighter body color2
Malefighter body color3
Malefighter body color4

Female Edit

Femfighter profile color1
Femfighter profile color2
Femfighter profile color3
Femfighter profile color4
Femfighter body color1
Femfighter body color2
Femfighter body color3
Femfighter body color4

Base StatsEdit

Base Stats
Normal Hard Suicide


20 18 16
Attack 11 11 11
Defense 10 10 9
Speed 6 5 4
Intellect 8 8 8
Faith 8 8 8
Magic Resist 0 0 0
Stealth 0 0 0

Base Damage: Min 0, Max 2

Starter Set Edit

Weapon Body Headwear Gloves Footwear Jewelry Items
Basic Short Sword Leather Armor Battered Cap X X X Full Healing Potion


Extra Bonecracker (Specialist) Breastplate (Suited) X X Boots of Escape (Booted) Token (Backup Plan) Scroll of Blink (Backup Plan)


Morale Leading The Charge

(Starting Perk) - Boost Morale by clearing levels. (+50 Morale)

Single Minded Single Minded

(Unlock 3500 morale) - Berserk (and Frenzy) recharge faster. -1 base Intellect and Faith.

I'll Make It Fit I'll Make It Fit

(Unlock 3500 morale) - ​Salvage usable armor from 10% of enemies who didn't drop anything.

Clinical Clinical

(Unlock 6000 morale) - Start with Vital Strike instead of Berserk. +2 Defense.

Constant Bubbling Rage ​Constant Bubbling Rage

(Unlock 8000 morale) - Start without Berserk but get +1 Attack and +1 Speed all the time.


Breastplate icon Suited

(Unlock 1600 morale) - Start with a Breastplate (additional +1 Defense).

Boots of escape icon Booted

(Unlock 1600 morale) - Start with Boots of Escape (+1 Speed)

Specialist Specialist

(Unlock 4800 morale) - Swap your sword for a Bonecracker (2-4 damage, -2 Speed).

Backup Plan Backup Plan

(Unlock 4800 morale) - Start with a Token (+1 Faith) and a Scroll of Blink.



Berserk Berserk - Starting skill. Removed if you have the Constant Bubbling Rage perk.

Vital Strike Vital Strike - Replaces Berserk when using the Clinical perk.

-Set 1-

Enchant Weapon Precision (+attack) Increase your Attack stat.

  1. +1 attack
  2. +2 attack
  3. +3 attack

Sweep Impact (+damage) Increases your minimum damage with any weapon, guaranteeing stronger hits.

  1. +1 minimum damage
  2. +2 minimum damage

Heal Toughness (+HP) Your experience in battle hardens you against all kinds of damage.

  1. +6 hp each rank. Unlimited ranks.

-Set 2-

Charge Charge

  • Minimum level: 4
  • Buy previous talent. (Precision)
  • Can't get this if you have Intimidate.

Intimidate Intimidate

  • Minimum level: 4
  • Buy previous talent. (Precision or Toughness)
  • Can't get this if you have Charge.

Leech Regeneration (Passive) Recover 100% more health from health orbs.

  • Minimum level: 3
  • Buy previous talent. (Toughness)
  1. +100% regeneration
  2. +200% regeneration

-Set 3-

HPzXy6F Enrage

  • Minimum level: 6
  • Buy previous talent. (Charge or Intimidate)

Stone Skin Hardening (+defense) Increase your Defense stat greatly.

  • Minimum level: 6
  • Buy previous talent. (Intimidate)
  1. +2 defense
  2. +4 defense

Frenzy Frenzy

  • Minimum level: 6


  • Being a close range class, it's important to focus on health and speed instead of attack, as Berserk/Frenzy will always provide you with an attack boost.
  • As your beginner class, the Fighter is really easy to master once you understand the weapon mechanics and which stat is important when using them.
  • The Fighter has the highest base health out of all playable classes, but suffers from low speed, making them especially vulnerable against ranged attacks and quick enemies.
  • Fighters can make good use of some Holy Skills for a wider range of support: Holy Armor allows them to take damage more easily and provides rechargeable thorns, Glide gives them a much needed speed boost, Dispel will neutralize speedy spellcasters, and Bless Weapon will make their attacks even more accurate. While Fear is an option for crowd control, it's far outclassed by Intimidate, and both Heal and Sleep are useful for most classes, not just Fighters.
  • Teleport can be useful for catching up to quick enemies if the player doesn't have Charge or the Restless Blade.
  • Fighters hit hard and die hard, being near impossible to kill due to their overpowering health and defense, and punishing to fight, due to their high damage. Its better to focus on these two aspects of a Fighter while playing as one.

Flavor Text Edit

Act 1 Edit

Act 1 Text
Floor Dialogue
The Village Fresh slaughter. The scent's as familiar as it is unwelcome.
The Forest Following the bandits' trail, you cut a path into the thick forest.
The Town You charge through the town gate. They're not ready for you. (You won't let them get ready.)
The Keep Streaked with blood, you smash the door. It's vengeance time!
Asterion's Lair Asterion and his two lieutenants are here. Kill them and end his reign of terror

Act 2 Edit

Act 2 Text
Floor Dialogue
The Mountain Path The army came through this windswept pass. It's clear the forces here are on their side.
The Monastery Dragon cultists bar your way. Hah.. they're only human.
Spider Nests Thick webs drape the hollow. You steel yourself and press on.
The Caves You descend into the mountain, heading for the core. Whoever rules this place - they'll be there.
The Mines The heat's fierce. You're getting closer.
Xiatol's Lair You've reached the heart of the mountain. Something's down here. Something big.

Act 3 Edit

Act 3 Text
Floor Dialogue
City Gates First the Minotaur. Then the Dragon. They didn't come from nowhere. They came from here.
City Streets You spit at the guards' shiny armor. Like they've ever seen real action.
Mage Academy You're in! Time to find out who's running this whole show.
Academy Basement Something ahead crackles with power. This doesn't feel right.
The Wasteland ...
Alien Palace You'd recognise this kind of opulence anywhere. Whatever's in here thinks it's in charge.
Shiurath's Domain This must be it - the heart of the invasion. You can't shake the feeling you're being watched.

The Tower Edit

Tower Text
Floor Dialogue
1st Floor This Tower casts its shadow for many miles. What better place to seek death or glory?
Boss Floor They seem more organized here. A leader must be nearby.
A mighty adversary lies in wait here. You ready your weapon.
You sense a powerful foe ahead.
Tower Block Cleared It seems the Tower continues yet. You press on with grim resolve.