Levels are gained by collecting experience points. Experience is normally gained by killing Monsters, but there are alternative ways to collect experience by enabling certain perks:

  • Ghost Run. Experience is gained by opening chests.
  • Noncombatant. Experience is gained by not killing enemies as the character progresses. Experience gained is twice that of normally killing

All of these disable XP gain by killing enemies. In addition, XP gain can be doubled by using the Scroll of Wisdom.

Experience GainEdit

To see how much experience is gained for each monster, see the Monster List.

The character starts off as level 1. Required XP depends on current level, L:


Keep in mind XP gain is always an integer, so you have to exceed the value.

Precalculated valuesEdit

Current Level XP to next level
1 83
2 200
3 366
4 600
5 932
6 1400
7 2063
8 3000
9 4326
10 6200
11 8851
12 12600
13 17902
14 25400
15 36004

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