Enslave - Skill. 


Lets you keep one enemy as a pet. Cast on any foe below 50% health to heal and enslave.


  • With Classicist perk, Enslave costs 12 MP to cast.
  • Recharges faster with Intellect.
  • You will not gain XP from enslaving enemies. Be cautious as you can level up slower than usual.
  • The enslaved enemy will go to the next floor with you.
  • Normally enslaving an enemy will make Enslave unusable until the enemy dies, however using a Mana Potion recharges Enslave which allows you to enslave another monster.
    • This does not work while the Classicist perk is active.
  • Enslaving a boss in the Acts will count as defeating it and will end the game.
  • Scavenger is resistant but can be enslaved.