Dragon Young are powerful enemies with versatile stats and spells and no evident weaknesses. Fortunately, they are rare and usually not found in groups except for scripted encounters.

Dragon Young are rare enemies that appear in the final floors and boss floor of Act 2, final floors of Act 3 and higher-tier floors of The Tower. In the Tower they are guaranteed to appear along with their boss variant: the Shimmerling.

Spells Edit

  • Fireball: Ranged attack that causes 1-3 damage.
  • Teleport: Teleports user to a selected tile. They will commonly use this to get closer to the player.

Spyglass Edit


Dragon Young are dangerous! I Think I understand their attacks.
Can no longer be critically hit by Dragon Young

Notes Edit

  • Fireball is a physical skill for dragon young, not a magic spell. Your chance of hitting it is dependant on Defence, not Magic Resist. Dispel does not work on dragon young.

Gallery Edit

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