Health - Stat

Description Edit

Damage determines the amount of health removed when an attack or spell hits, It is measured in minimum and maximum damage or min-max for short. Ex long sword deals 1-6 damage without damage modifiers.

Damage modifiers Edit

Talents that modify damage Edit

  • Impact: +1 minimum damage to all weapons.
  • Dagger mastery: All dagger weapons deal 50% more minimum and maximum damage.
  • Spell damage: Increase min and max damage of Fireball.
  • Archery: Increase min and max damage and lowers cooldown of Bow.
  • Well trained: Multiplies the damage of the ranger's Dog.
  • Unarmed: Increases the Pugilist's damage.
  • Powder: Increases the damage of Pistol.
  • Tinkerer: Chance to upgrade a damage dealing equipment.

Equipment that modifies damage (not weapons) Edit

  • Heavy gauntlet: 1-1 damage
  • Brawler's Hand Wraps: 0-1 damage
  • Carapace (Hands): 1-2 damage

Enchantments that modify damage Edit

  • Bloody
  • Brutal
  • Vicious

Consumables that modify damage. Edit

  • Whetstones

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