Combine - Magic Skill.


Combine two items to make something new. Chance of success based on intellect.


  • The spell can create a wide range of items, listed on the Recipes pages.
  • There are three types of consumables: wet, paper, and dry, which are divided into tiers from 0 to 5 (except for paper, which doesn't have a tier 0 ingredient).
  • What type of item you get depends on what type(s) of items you're combining:
    • Wet always has priority. If either ingredient is wet, the result will be wet.
    • Paper has second priority. If one ingredient is paper, and the other is paper or dry, the result will be paper (except for failures, which make Scrap Materials.)
    • Dry has lowest priority. The result will only be dry if both ingredients are dry.
  • If the difference between the ingredient tiers is 2 or less, the result is 1 tier higher than the highest-tier ingredient. When the ingredients are 3 or more tiers apart, the result is the same tier as the higher-tier ingredient (depending on the ingredient types, the result may even be the same as the higher-tier ingredient.)
  • In addition to the Intellect attribute, percent success chance is affected by:
    • Ingredient tiers (closer tier numbers are better)
    • Ingredient types (same type is better)
    • If ingredients are the same type and same tier, results are higher for two different items than for two of the same item (e.g. one Blinding Powder and one Poison Powder is better than two Blinding Powders)
    • Result tier (lower is better)
  • If the skill fails, the lower-tier ingredient is usually converted into a tier-0 waste product: Strange Fluid for wet recipes and Scrap Materials for paper and dry recipes. There is also a chance to fail completely, in which case the lower-tier ingredient is destroyed. If the ingredients are the same tier, the one with the lower priority type (see above) will be destroyed. Failures involving a tier 0 ingredient are always complete failures, destroying the tier 0 ingredient.


  • Recharges with Intellect.
  • Can only be used to combine Consumables, not Armor or Weapons.
  • The Alchemist starts with this skill.
  • Savescumming will not change a combination's results. The result of that particular attempt will always be the same. If the result is a Spellbook, the spell (or passive) obtained from it will always be the same.
  • A maximum of 135% chance of merging had been observed.

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