Charge - Physical Skill.


Charge across the distance to an enemy in an instant for a guaranteed hit.

Stats Edit

Requires Precision upgrade and LVL 4 (Fighter's talents).

  • Teleports next to a target enemy to execute an unblockable attack. Damage is dependant on the weapon.


  • Recharges with Speed.
  • Can only be obtained as one of the Fighter's talents, by killing a Scavenger, or using the Spellbook.
  • Since Charge alerts the enemy just before you inflict damage, it is impossible to backstab or stealth attack an enemy with Charge. Sorry, dagger-wielders!
  • Be careful from which side you charge an enemy, as you can end up teleported into a pit and die.
  • Previous versions of the game had a simpler design for the Charge icon.

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