Bow - Physical Skill.


Launch arrows into the flesh of your enemies.


  • Hit % based on Attack, ignoring your weapon's attack modifiers.
  • 1-3 damage.


  • 1st rank: 1-4 damage, -1 bow cooldown.
  • 2nd rank: 1-5 damage, -2 bow cooldown.
  • 3rd rank: 2-5 damage, -3 bow cooldown.

Only in The Tower Edit

  • 4th rank: 2-6 damage, -4 bow cooldown.
  • 5th rank: 3-8 damage, -4 bow cooldown.

Notes Edit

  • Recharges with Speed and skill rank.
  • The Ranger always starts with Bow.
  • Can only be obtained as the initial skill of the Ranger or by Spellbook.

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