Laced Breastplate

Body armor offers the most protection to a character and sometimes increases other stats such as speed, steath or resistance to damage and magic. Click on the listed body armors to see specifics and enchantments.


In order of price and rarity:

Tier 1 Edit

Leather Armor
Leather Armor

Tier 2 Edit

Breastplate icon

Tier 3 Edit

Cloak of Swiftness
Cloak of Swiftness

Full plate armor
Full Plate Armor

Heavy breastplate
Heavy Breastplate

King's cuirass
King's Cuirass

Tier 4 Edit

Laced Breastplate
Laced Breastplate


Cloak of shadows
Cloak of Shadows

Class ExclusiveEdit


Linen shirt
Linen Shirt

Sneaking cape icon
Sneaking Cape

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