Axes are damaging heavy weapons, easier to move than a mace but less accurate. Click on the listed axes for specifics and enchantments.


In order of price and rarity:


Hardened Battle Axe

Golden axe
Golden Axe


Axe of thousands icon
Axe of Thousands


  • Axes have the most balanced damage range out of all weapons but always give penalties to Attack.
  • They're best used with skills that guarantee a hit, with skills that can boost your attack, or as stealth weapons.
  • "+Critical" means that critical attacks will do +2 minimum damage and 2.5x maximum damage.
  • Stealth attacks will do nothing to the minimum damage and do 1.5x maximum damage.
  • A Vital Strike from an axe makes the enemy lose 4 Speed temporarily and causes bleeding, which deals 0-4 damage every turn.
  • The basic Axe has no "+heavy" bonus to damage, unlike other axes.

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