Attack - Stat


Determines your chances of successfully hitting an enemy, as well as the likelihood of getting a critical hit. Note that your chance to hit an enemy also depends on their Defense value.

Base ValuesEdit

Base Attack
Normal Hard Suicide


11 11 11
Thief 10 10 10
Wizard 9 9 9
Ranger 10 10 10
Paladin 11 11 11
Pugilist 9 9 9
Alchemist 9 9 9


  • Despite the name, a higher Attack value does not actually increase the amount of damage you deal in an attack. It can effectively increase your DPS, however, by increasing the number of times you can expect to hit an enemy in a given number of turns.
  • For Alchemists using the Gunslinger Perk, increased Attack is not very useful even through Pistol uses Attack for its critical rate, but almost all other classes will want to seek out equipment that increases their Attack to have a chance of hitting high-defense enemies. Even Wizards may find a bit of extra Attack useful for when their spells are on cooldown but only for the early levels.
  • Fighter and Paladin have the highest base attack values.

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