Asterion is the boss encountered on the final level of of Act 1.

He is a minotaur who fights by summoning minions while using spells that either slow you down or boost his own attack and speed. He is reached by either opening the big door to his chamber with both the Left Key and Right Key, using Blink or the Scroll of Blink to get yourself inside his room, or destroying the big door by using a knockback skill on a enemy standing against it.


Berserk: Grants Asterion +3 attack and speed.

Freeze: Inflicts a -6 speed slow.

Summon Minions: Asterion summons 2-3 monsters that can be either Cockatrices, Elementals, Goblins, or Ogres. Elementals summoned by Asterion do not expire over time and Dispel doesn't kill them. (This spell is represented by the fireball icon when using spyglass; Asterion can't actually use Fireball)


The big door with Asterion inside.

Spyglass Buff Edit

Asterion commands many! I'd best be careful.

+3 Defense vs. Asterion's minions.


  • Asterion can be very difficult as he can use Freeze on you, use Berserk, and then Summon Minions. You're basically slowed with 3 enemies each possibly hitting you twice in 1 turn. Playing smart is usually very effective than just going in.
  • Asterion's relatively low health can get him killed very quickly if played right. Earthshaker can kill him in 2 turns with 2 critical hits.
  • The turn after Asterion sees you, all remaining monsters will become alert.
  • Even if you manage to get far away, Asterion can close in on your location even if he's not alerted.
  • Asterion is suceptible to Dispel.

Notes Edit

  • Asterion was the big bad of the first Cardinal Quest, and the intro dialogue had him responsible for the destruction of the protagonist's hometown similar to the destroyed village in Act 1. Despite his status, he can't be fought since he escapes once the player kills all enemies in the final floor.

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