One of the most dangerous bosses in The Tower, thankfully has low health.

The Archmage uses the same combat pattern as Mages, that's it staying away from the player while shooting Fireballs, curing itself or allies and buffing speed. Usually has Academy Guardians and Mages nearby, especially those Conjurers.

This boss usually guards the second or third boss room of every block (see Tower page).

Spells Edit

  • Haste, can be used on an ally.
  • Heal: Cures 50% HP. Can be used on an ally.
  • Fireball: This version does a lot of damage and has a low cooldown.



Mages have powerful spells! I'll be careful.
Gained +2 Magic Resist vs Mages.


  • Has the same weaknesses as most mages. High Magic Resist and Dispel can make it a sitting duck.
  • It won't resist much if a high-damaging player or ally corners it.
  • Normally when it uses Haste on itself, it can cast Fireball more than 2 times especially if you're slow. It's best to take caution.
  • Potion of Reflection is highly recommended. Blinding Powder or Sleep Powder is also highly effective.
  • It will try to attract more monsters to you, don't chase it unless you're sure the area is clear or there are no more monster nearby.

Gallery Edit

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